Dear Lifter,

First off thank you for confirming your entry to the A.B.S Pro 2019. We are delighted to have such an amazing line up of lifters and look forward to putting on a very entertaining event.

This letter will clarify everything in terms of rules and information about the event. As it’s a hybrid event some of you will be a little unfamiliar with the rules and structure of the event.

 Basic Rules of the Competition

Wraps – Max Length 2.5m

Weigh In – Friday 16th 11:00 – 19:00

Rack – ER Equipment / Walk Out

Bar – IPF spec for all three lifts

Sleeves – Elbow sleeves will be allowed on Squat and Deadlift only.  Knee sleeves are allowed on all three lifts.

Attempt Changes – You will be allowed to change openers once 3 minutes before you flight starts with your attempt slips. No attemps will be accepted with an attempt slipt under no circumstances. Each attempt must be given within 1 minute of your lift or 3 minutues before your first lift.

Deadlift you may change the 3rd attempt twice, but the bar weight can not drop and the running order can not change. Example if you have a lower lot number and someone has a higher lot number you can not go after them with the same weight on the bar as that would change the running order.


Squat – Start – Rack (Hand signals)

Bench – Start – Press – Rack (Head down heels up)

Deadlift – Down (Hand signal)

Winning Criteria – Best Wilks Male and female will determine first place. The Prize money fund will be €4000 between male and female with top 3 taking cash prizes.

Refs / Officials

The event is sanctioned by the IrishPF (IPF0. The event is classed as an exhibition event so scores will count towards nothing in terms of IPF qualification.

The event scores will count towards Open Powerlifting results, winning the event and bragging rights. The event will be officiated by 3 Cat 2 International IPF referees.

Financial Breakdown

The majority of the event is covered by entry fees from the A.B.S Pro and A.B.S Cup competitions. We don’t run this event to make a profit and income goes back into making the event bigger, better and an experience that hopefully makes you want to come back next year.

I have included the finicial breakdown as I feel a lot of lifters think these types of events make thousands of euro and sometimes don’t appreciate the finical costs that go into them.I also believe in transparency with such events.

Estimated Income EstimatedOutcome
Entry Fees – €5000 Prize Money – €4000
Spectator Fees – €600-700 Awards – €300
Merchandise Sales – €600-800 MC expenses – €600-700
  Fire Breather / Band – €800
  Refs & Spotters expenses – €300
  Media expenses €200
  Equipment – €300

As you can see the event runs at a loss and is subsidised by the other two series events that are run in April and November.

Please ensure you have paid your entry fee CLICK HERE. As you can see there is a lot of financial investment upfront and we depend on lifter entry fees to make this event happen and still pay out decent cash prizes.


We have some accommodation reserved for lifters that have block booked a local B&B. We will have a plan out shortly for lifters who confirmed their dates.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter any questions please don’t hesitate to DM us.


Jay & Killian

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