A.B.S Powerlifting was founded in 2012 by Club Head Coach Jay Farrant.

The club initially started with a small group of lifters from around Dublin meeting every Sunday morning to train and drink coffee.

This group soon became known as the "9am crew", This continued crew continued to grow and grow to the point where the gym became a full-time powerlifting facility operating 7 days a week.

With new members came new standards  with the 9am group becoming an invitational group which still applies today.

Members are required to meet certain criteria before being invited to join this particular group.

The Sunday sessions are split into two parts 9am crew and 11am crew with the 11am session open to all club members who are coached by 9am members. 

The goal of 11am members is to eventually make the 9am crew. Sunday's usually consist of anywhere up to 50 lifters between the two groups with members from the A.B.S Powerlifting team travelling from all 4 provinces of Ireland.

Ever since the foundation of the 9am crew the club developed a winning mentality and work ethic that separates itself from your typical team or gym. This mentality is always improve and do your best is a fundamental part of our gym ethos.

In 2016 the club expanded with a new powerlifting gym opening in Douglas, Cork. Despite there being over 3 hours between the 2 locations the ethos and standards remain the same.

The club now stands at over 150 members with lifters based all around the Island of Ireland and across the World via our online  team.

In 2016 We started working with Dublin City University and the following year Trinity Barbell University powerlifting teams. A.B.S Dublin is now the HQ for both teams who we now provide coaching and programming for as well as our facility during the week.

2019 seen us win our second Club National Championship with the IrishPF (IPF Affilate) and launch our new Under 18 Academy powerlifting program. We also opened up our 3rd location with long member, international lifter and coach Shannon Pollock opening up A.B.S in Kilkenny

This year also sees our University program grow with 7 x University champions University College of Cork joining up with our A.B.S Cork where we will provide programming, coaching and a facility for lifters to train in outside their typical training locations.

Despite the growth of the club over the last few years and success we still continue to maintain some of our founding rules with all members following our training system and being coached within club. This is fundamental to becoming an A.B.S lifter and has allowed us to develop one of the most successful programs within Irish Powerlifting.