The Story Behind A.B.S

Advanced Barbell Systems was founded in 2012 by head coach and owner Jay Farrant. The club is part of the ABS Gym and has four locations in Ireland as well as lifters based all over Europe.

The club initially started with a small group of lifters from around Dublin meeting up every Sunday morning to train, drink coffee, listen to loud music and escape their commercial gyms. 

This group soon became known as the " 9am crew ", This crew continued to grow and grow and attract lifters from around Dublin and beyond and within 12 months the gym became a full-time powerlifting facility.

With the new group reaching its capacity a second group was formed at 11:00 and the 09:00 crew became an invitation group. This group requires an ABS lifter to hit a required standard in competition as well as be competent in their own training standards to watch, help and push  their teammates. 

The 11:00 Group is coached by members of the 09:00 crew and the goal is to develop these group members good enough to make the 09:00 standards. 

The Club from day one has always had a strict policy on lifters that train in our club must follow our training system and work with our coaches. This has always been enforced unless a lifter has been invited to train with us for a short period of time from outside of the club. 

The A.B.S training system currently boasts over 200 lifters following it across our clubs, online and university lifters. The system is constantly evolving based on lifters feedback, data and competition results. 

Over the past 10 years the training system has produced the following - 

  • Over 40 international IPF Lifters
  • 24 IPF National Championships
  • Irish All time Total Male and Female
  • 45+ IPF International medals 
  • 100+ National Record 
  • 60+ 400 Wilks 
  • 75 IPF International Caps 
  • Home to ABS Powerlifting Series

Regardless of the lifters standard, all members of A.B.S are expected to do their best and become better. This can be from spotting, loading the bar correctly, technique or nutrition. 

Each member is expected to do this themselves as well as ensure their teammates do also.