A.B.S Female Powerlifting Team

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A.B.S isn't just a place for experienced lifters. We welcome all levels to our gym and offer supervised coaching sessions to help beginners become more independent.  No matter what your level is we can help you get better and more confident in your lifting.


Most females go to the gym or CrossFit and enjoy the lifting side of their training over say, the treadmill or typical cardio machines. If you already go to the gym, but want a bit more direction and structure in the weight training side of things then we can help you. If you decide to compete then we can prep you and make sure you're ready.


A.B.S has a large international group of lifters spread over multiple classes who have represented their country.  If you want to develop into an international lifter or you already compete internationally and want to train around stronger people then our competition team is for you.

Juniors - U23

Sub-Junior powerlifting ranges from 14 to 18 years old and Junior powerlifting ranges from 18-23. Starting off young is the best way to prevent poor movement patterns and develop a healthy relationship with the gym.

Masters 40+

Unlike a lot of physical sports powerlifting provides a platform for all ages. We have lifters ranging from 40-70 competing both domestically and internationally. Powerlifting in particular is great form of training to prevent diseases such as osteoarthritis and diabetes.


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