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Thoughts on the use of hack squat as an accessory in PL training

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From a hypertrophy perspective

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I haven’t used it on a large scale with people, but my personal view is I’d pick a good belt squat, leg press, leg extension or single leg variation over it.

This is mainly due to the way some hack squats are made and how they don’t really allow you to move very well in a squat position and don’t give the spine a break from being loaded and compressed.

When I think of hypertrophy work outside the typical SBD I prefer high reps with movements that tend to involve one joint (leg extension / bicep curls) and require low intensity.

I also like to give the spine a break from load especially with the  lifters on the ABS system who squat and deadlift 3-4 times a week.

That being said there is no harm to add ANY new things into a program now and again. A block here and there of new movements wont hurt you and will keep things fresh and interesting.

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