Weight Classes

What weight class suits you is dependent on a lot of factors (height, age, body fat levels). For a lifter of average body fat,* there are usually three options available to you – a class that your body weight naturally sits within, a class you can cut weight into and a class you can eat up into. The last two options realistically require more long term strategies for making weight.

Lifters who are at a competitive/elite level should probably be the only individuals cutting into a weight-class for a competition. If making a total in a certain weight class gives you the opportunity to compete at a high level eg representing your country, then that’s a good reason to do so.

Novice lifters and younger lifters should not limit themselves to a weight category. They are still experiencing “newbie gains” and dropping or limiting to a weight class can halt potential muscle and strength gains at this point of their career.

It’s important to discuss decisions around weight categories with your coach and consider the pros and cons of gaining/cutting weight.

*16-25% for men, 25-35% for women aged 20-29 based on peer-reviewed publication.

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